Project Management Methodology

The project management methodology used by Capillary Consulting is based around an Agile Project Management approach with elements of PRINCEII and PMBOK documentation, structure and dependencies used as needed.

This allows for a broad based, flexible and purposeful approach that puts the focus on stakeholder engagement and process efficiencies within the journey of change. The project progress informs the creation of purposeful and beneficial documentation throughout engagement. Key project documents produced will likely be:

  • Statement of Work – the final contractual document outlining the scope of work in clear detail and agreeing how the relationship and key deliverables are charged;
  • Project Charter – an outline project document including milestone dates, activity schedule and requirement of both parties, to be agreed by the Project Principal and Client Sponsor to include a firm delivery schedule with any criteria around that time line.
  • Project Resources Plan – a plan outlining projects costs, time and impact to the client for management, monitoring and reconciliation through project progress.
  • A Project Activity Plan – a plan of activity, resources and responsibilities throughout the engagement.
  • Project update reports – between project principal and client sponsor to monitor progress and manage any risks or issues.

Resource Management

Each Engagement will have a dedicated point of contact to act as project principal, lead or account manager. Although we respect the strength of a diverse workforce, we endeavour to retain a consistent team to work with a client, constancy of contact point ensures the most effective progress of the engagement is maintained.

We will use the best team to meet a client’s needs and provide the knowledge, skills and experience required for the most efficient and effective engagement to take place. This may come from the core team at Capillary, our partners or other specialists we engage to provide pertinent services as needed.

Financial Management

We appreciate the need for effortless financial management through any engagement. We will agree costs or best estimates of the costs with our clients at the outset of engagement. The Statement of Work will include a mutually agreed invoicing schedule with payment terms, for this is it recommend to use the best invoice template.

Typically we operate a net 30 days payment cycle from the date of invoice issue, where invoices are issued on the first day of the month for work undertaken in the previous month.