Change can be a scary proposition for many organizations to navigate successfully. At Capillary Consulting we recognize the need to support your business through the change experience by focusing on the people, project, process and technology needs for successful transition.

Our approach to change management is unhindered by a specific process, but rather informed by a range of models and methodologies. We work with you to identify how to best navigate your changes ahead, pulling from a repertoire of many methods to build one to fit your needs. Rich Batchelor brings over 25 years of change management experience and a team that adds even more experience for a whole range of industries and organizations worldwide.

We propose engagements that support, advise and guide you, enabling you to retain control of the change and work with your existing structure in the most effective way. We want a pathway to success that includes increasing change competence and capability as you build your own capacity for change, for now and the future.