In this 4 part short webinar series, you will learn how change impacts individuals in the workplace and understand their emotional responses to change. you will also gain insight on building personal resilience and understanding the causes of resistance to change.


  • What is a change and why it happens;
  • How do people react to change;
  • Understand your own reaction to change and that of others.


This online webinar series will present a focused approach to the likely emotional responses of change experienced by everyone. The facilitator will guide content, give opportunity for discussion and maintain continuity across the series.

  • Webinar 1: Change is constant
  • Webinar 2: Change feels challenging
  • Webinar 3: Change is hard
  • Webinar 4: Change is good

Cost: $125 per attendee

Delivery is online, via 4 x 30 minute webinars.

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From Nov 1 2016

Rich Batchelor
Webinar Facilitator