Cultural Shape Analysis

Understanding the potential of your organization comes from truly understanding its Culture. Our unique organizational cultural analysis and mapping tool allows you to understand the current shape of your organization and see where it needs to flex and grow to reach its potential.

Organizations are made up of people and appreciating the dynamics of their roles, responsibilities and purpose helps to unleash its potential.

This tool  can be used to not just assesses the whole organization, but through breaking it down into  team, group, division and other levels, find opportunities to lean on your internal dynamics while building strategies that are focused on key areas for improvement and create learning journeys to achieve them.

Assessing Your Organization’s Behaviour

There are two ways to achieve the shape of the current and future organizational culture.

  1. You undertake a series of surveys across your organization, with questions drafted to drive out clear focus on each of the eight key drivers. This is a very analytical, and clear cut approach but does take several weeks to ensure full scale capture. As with most surveys a 30-40% completion rate is the best to aspire for.
  2. We can run a facilitated series of workshops to gather the insights in real time, posing questions and agreeing levels across the drivers in a more dynamic and self validating style. This takes a greater investment of staff time, but provides a more meaningful and confirmed state of the organization and its parts.

The Result of the assessment will provide something like this image where the blue represents the current and the yellow is the aspiration for the future:

The Organizational Map
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