Disruptive Change Vuca Environments

For many years we have recognized the increasing pace of technology change and the associated impacts, but the Covid-19 pandemic made everyone realize the need to build capacity in readiness for disruption and unplanned changes that will keep on happening.

VUCA is an acronym for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous. An acronym that reflects the experience of the unpredictable, surprising and discomforting experience of disruption and unplanned change. Being prepares and building capacity for this experience will be ever more important with each passing year.

At Capillary, we have spent several years exploring this space and recognizing the differences in emotions experienced as well as the the best ways to prepare. We have created models and gains skills in very unique approaches that have limited exposure, to bring the best ways to understand the effects and to build the required capacity at an individual and organizational level.

Working in Disruptive Change & VUCA Environments

We have a range of unique tools and approaches that will help you be ready for disruptive change


This internationally acclaimed approach to understanding VUCA environments is a mainstay in helping organizations gain insight into the readiness for disruption. With a gamified approach, hands on activities and engaged facilitation, you can quickly understand where your vulnerabilities and strengths sit in your organization.

CARL Framework®

This Capillary framework was created as a simple approach to build key capacities for future change readiness and particularly disruptive and unplanned change. Testing through 2020 pandemic responses, its approach was validated and now becomes a foundational framework for this space.

Emotional Culture Deck (ECD)

We use the ECD to discover the emotions that come to the surface or get hidden when disruption hits. When you you play the game you are understanding the emotions you rely upon to get you through the challenge of a VUCA situation and build capacity for future disruptions.

Lego Serious Play (LSP)

We use a variety of LSP techniques to support exploration the impacts and approaches to be taken when experiencing disruption.

Change Enablement

The Capillary Change Enablement framework will give you anchor points to build out successful approaches needed to change at an individual and organizational level, and be ready for whatever may come your way.


We know that it can be difficult and challenging to adopt many new approaches and engage in learning capacities to be ready for disruptions. Capillary offers coaching services to support you along your journey of engagement and skills building for now and the future.