Organizational Culture

Culture is often defined as being “the way we do things around here”, but there is much more to it.

When we look at the culture of an organization, we truly see its heart and soul. It demonstrates the principles and values it holds close. It speaks to the emotional relationships of its people and most importantly it reflects the dynamics and success of an organization at all levels.

At Capillary, we recognize the value of not just understanding your organizational culture, but the power it has to develop and help you realize the potential within. We have a range of tools and approaches that allow us to look under the hood of your culture, discover its current effectiveness and work with you to develop a culture that meets your future aspirations.

Working with Organizational Culture

We have a range of unique tools and approaches that will help your culture be the best possible version of itself.

Culture Shape Analysis

Take a snapshot of your organizational culture and recognize the key elements that sustain it. Define where you want to be and visually reflect on the areas for growth.

Emotional Culture Deck (ECD)

We use the ECD to discover the emotions that fuel your culture and discover beyond these, how understanding the emotions you need and don’t can truly develop your organizational success.

Leadership Development

At Capillary we recognize that culture is informed by leadership behaviours. We offer 180 and 360 degrees assessments, tools based around our leadership competency framework and opportunties to create development journeys in realizing leadership potential.

Lego Serious Play (LSP)

We use a variety of LSP techniques to dig into the drivers, relationship and values that inform cultural success and alignment with your strategies and goals.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

In today’s society a successful organization recognizes the strength a diverse workforce brings. Creating strategies to be inclusive and equitable retain and develop a workforce that can make a difference in the world and make everyone feel safe where they want to belong.

Change Fingerprint ®

Anyone familiar with the William Bridges model of transitioning knows every change begins with loss and how our brains process loss, or grieve, is unique to the individual. One hundred people can go through the same change and each one will experience it differently. It is as unique as our fingerprints.