Leadership Development

Capillary’s leadership model defines the levers for successful leadership with a significant emphasis on capacity building through demonstrated high performance on each of those levers. Our model can be used to both strengthen and discover leadership capability. We work with existing leaders to gain understanding of their capacities and vulnerabilities. We also work to develop those new to leadership and provide valuable support mechanisms and guidance to grow successfully into their role. We deliver 180 & 360-degree assessments, leadership coaching and mentoring plans, and identify future leadership talent through a range of applications all using the levers of this model. We can work with you to create development plans, programs and learning journeys that raise your leadership skillset across the whole of your organization.

You can gain an understanding of your leadership strengths with reports and outputs from our leadership assessment tools. We’ll ask you and your colleagues to complete a short questionnaire. We will analyze the results and have an open and frank discussion with you exploring the findings. We will generate a report including a graph similar to the one on the right with an key points of notice, strength and challenge points for you to work on going forward.